jess/rory or michael/maria

The best quotes in Roswell are the ones that are said under someone’s breath or out of the frame….

My Favorites:

"He doesn’t even know how to open the hood." ~ Maria 1x06

"You ever ask her to wear that uniform outside of work?" ~ One of Michael’s "Guys" 3x03

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If You Weren’t So Fictitious We Would Totally Hang Out (2 of ?)||Michael Guerin

The moment I kidnapped you and stole your car I knew you were the girl for me. 

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Roswell 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 3. Favorite Scene from Season Two

"I gotta bail Max…and if there’s enough money, Michael…out of jail."

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30 DAY ROSWELL CHALLENGE→ Day 7. A otp/pairing you like from the show→Michael&Maria

From day one, from the moment I kidnapped you and stole your car, I knew you were the girl for me. I never wanted anyone else.

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Roswell 30 Day Challenge: Favorite Male Character (Michael Guerin)